The Hotel

Where will cj Conference 2020 be held?

cj Conference 2020 will be held at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, which is just a few short blocks away from cj Advertising.

Do I need to book my own hotel room?

Yes. Click here to book your room. 

If you need more information, please directly contact Renee Brank.

Direct: 615-296-1072

What is the nightly rate for the hotel room?

The nightly rate (with the cj Advertising discount) for the Hilton Nashville Downtown is $289. Warning: drinking tiny bottles of vodka provided by room service will increase the rate exponentially.

Can I book my hotel room for additional days?

Pending hotel availability, you can get the discounted cj room rate for 3 days before and 3 days after cj Conference 2020.

Where can I get a cj goody bag if I don’t receive one in my room or at check-in?

What’s a conference without swag? Please let your Client Services team know if you don’t receive a cj goody bag at check-in. We’ll take care of it for you!

The Conference

How many people can attend from my firm? Can I bring my spouse?

The more the merrier! Bring as many people from your firm as you find beneficial. Spouses are more than welcome to attend.

When does conference start?

Conference is a state of mind and it starts when you get here!

Just kidding—cj Conference 2020 will kick off with dinner on Thursday, May 14 2020. Specific times for events are on the events page.

What is the recommended attire for each event?

The attire for cj Conference and the opening dinner is casual. But who doesn’t love a nice-fitting tux? And of course, camel costumes are always in fashion.

Can I get an agenda/notes for any breakout sessions I am unable to attend?

Did a bad hair day make you late for the morning session? Is your handwriting so poor you can’t read your own notes? Don’t worry. After the conference, all session materials will be made available on this website for a limited time.

When does conference end?

cj Conference 2020 will wrap at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 15. 


Will you pick me up from the airport?

Due to the large number of people arriving at various times, we can’t drive you to or from the airport. But who wants to be picked up by an intern in a Honda when you could arrive at the Hilton in a Lamborghini?

Need something with more trunk space? Visit Flynashville.com to find an airport shuttle. Uber and Lyft also operate in Nashville, as well as several taxi services.

Is there anything fun I can do in Nashville if I arrive early or stay late?

Absolutely! You can’t swing a dead camel without hitting something fun or interesting to do in Nashville. Check out Visit Music City to get a few ideas from the crazy locals.

Why can’t you pick me up from the airport?

Clients will be arriving throughout the day, right as we’re in crunch mode getting ready for conference. Please respect everyone’s time and try to find your own ride from the airport. You can do it—we believe in you!

If you really, really, really, really need a ride from the airport, call Chad 24/7, and he’ll drop everything he’s doing to come pick you up.

The Agency

Do I need to text or call my Client Services team when I land in Nashville?

You don’t have to, but we’d love to hear from you!

Can I schedule a meeting with Chad, Micki, and/or anyone else from cj while I’m in town?

Of course! Why not mix a little business with pleasure? Just let us know that you’d like to meet, and we’ll get it scheduled.