cj Conference 2018: Blueprint for Success

The theme of cj Conference 2018 was “Blueprint for Success,” and judging by the incredible feedback we received from our attendees, it a resounding success. We covered so many topics, including elite agency creative, operational tools for success, marketing automation, and growing attorneys.

The keynote speaker was the legendary Ken Schmidt, former director of communications for Harley-Davidson. Ken told us about the innovative strategies he used to turn around the fortunes of an American corporate icon. This unforgettable event was held at the Nashville Hilton Downtown. Our cj family still talks about all the valuable lessons we learned at cj Conference 2018!

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cj conference 2017: Rock It Forward

We kicked off our 2017 conference with the future in mind, and cj clients from around the country gathered at The Westin here in Nashville to share how they’re rocking it forward! Featuring rock star speakers Chris Voss and Chad Dudley, exciting agency updates, and engaging breakout sessions, cj Conference 2017 left us all ready to propel our clients, our brands, and our cultures to new heights.

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cj Conference 2015: Turn It Up!

With electrifying breakout sessions and high-energy keynote speakers, 2015 was all about turning it up and getting things done! cj clients from around the country convened at the Hilton Nashville Downtown to listen to keynote speakers Jack Daly and Andy Bailey, and to participate in a series of events to help them get motivated, dial in their culture, and move beyond the logjams challenging their firms’ success.

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