Past Conferences

Since 2002, cj Conferences have showcased the successful collaboration between cj Advertising and personal injury firms like yours as we grow together, share ideas, and build upon our win-win relationships.

Take a look back at the history of cj Conference.

cj Conference 2018: Blueprint for Success

The theme of cj Conference 2018 was “Blueprint for Success,” and judging by the incredible feedback we received from our attendees, it a resounding success. We covered so many topics, including elite agency creative, operational tools for success, marketing automation, and growing attorneys.

The keynote speaker was the legendary Ken Schmidt, former director of communications for Harley-Davidson. Ken told us about the innovative strategies he used to turn around the fortunes of an American corporate icon. This unforgettable event was held at the Nashville Hilton Downtown. Our cj family still talks about all the valuable lessons we learned at cj Conference 2018!

cj conference 2017: Rock It Forward

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We kicked off our 2017 conference with the future in mind, and cj clients from around the country gathered at The Westin here in Nashville to share how they’re rocking it forward! Featuring rock star speakers Chris Voss and Chad Dudley, exciting agency updates, and engaging breakout sessions, cj Conference 2017 left us all ready to propel our clients, our brands, and our cultures to new heights.

2016 Marketing Workshop

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There are a lot of people in marketing, and there are plenty of lawyers. But people who do marketing for lawyers? Well…we are a rare breed. That’s why on May 12, we hosted our first-ever cj Marketing Workshop. This daylong event was specifically designed to help us learn and grow with the marketing support staff of our clients. We had a most engaging, informative, and fun time as we combined marketing education and face-to-face sharing. We all learned from each other, and we all liked it!

cj Conference 2015: Turn It Up!

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With electrifying breakout sessions and high-energy keynote speakers, 2015 was all about turning it up and getting things done! cj clients from around the country convened at the Hilton Nashville Downtown to listen to keynote speakers Jack Daly and Andy Bailey, and to participate in a series of events to help them get motivated, dial in their culture, and move beyond the logjams challenging their firms’ success.

cj Conference 2014: 20/20

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In 2014, we took our annual cj Conference to the modern Hutton Hotel in Nashville’s Midtown district. We heard from not one, not two, but three dynamic and internationally known keynote speakers: Verne Harnish, Cameron Herold, and John DiJulius. Several firms shared with the group their challenges and opportunities, and we looked at new practice areas for expansion and the importance of tracking.

cj Conference 2013: Create Your Advantage

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In 2013, we did cj Conference unplugged. We changed it up from our normal, single-stage format to smaller group discussions in more intimate settings. Spread out around the Hilton Nashville Downtown, this less formal approach helped create an atmosphere conducive to candid discussions about issues that matter to the cj family.

Our 2013 keynote speaker was Kaihan Krippendorff, best-selling author of Outthink the Competition and The Art of the Advantage. He captured the true spirit of uncovering existing opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

cj Conference 2012: Engage and Fascinate

Our 2012 conference was big, bold, and packed with insight into what makes great brands tick. Our Client Services, Media, Production, and Interactive teams showcased the work they’ve done for members of the cj family and addressed new opportunities for growth within the always competitive field of personal injury advertising.

Joe Calloway, author and inductee into the Speakers Hall of Fame, served as our master of ceremonies. And during her keynote speech, acclaimed writer Sally Hogshead inspired us to use elements of our personalities to help our businesses thrive.

cj Conference 2011: Who?

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The most important decisions you make while growing your business aren’t necessarily the “what” questions—they’re the “who” decisions. With help from our keynote speaker, Randy Street, President of ghSMART, cj Conference 2011 underscored how hiring the right people can unlock your business’ growth potential.

cj Conference 2010: Code Alignment

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According to 2010 cj Conference guest speaker Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, we grow up accepting a silent system of codes. Understanding the codes—or the ways we live, buy, and even love—can allow you to do business in dramatic new ways. Entrepreneur Barrett Ersek complemented Rapaille’s message with his own insights on the importance of seizing the X factor of your business to gain an edge in the marketplace.

cj Conference 2009: Leadership from 30,000 Feet

Guest speaker Cameron Herold, a top-rated lecturer who has built three $100 million dollar companies, rallied the cj family to “Lead Like an Entrepreneur at 100 mph.” He set the tone for an exciting cj Conference 2009. During two full days at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, hot topics explored included market exclusivity and the introduction of Med View Services.

cj Conference 2008: Connecting the Dots

In 2008, our keynote speaker was best-selling author Ron Huntington, former President of Gazelles International. Ron helped cj’s clients see how all aspects of a business’ strategic development plan are interdependent and new growth can be achieved by “connecting the dots” to approach business plans from a holistic perspective. cj Conference 2008 also announced the launch of EXP—cj’s full-service Web video production department.

cj Conference 2007: Clients First

In 2007, we refocused on clients and how to put their needs first. Keynote speaker John DiJulius revealed the philosophy behind Secret Service and showed us how believing in your people can support your customer service initiatives while Paul Shumaker helped us understand our markets.

cj Conference 2006: Get Branded!

For cj Conference 2006, we focused on brand strategy and management, and introduced the new Brand Manager position at cj. Other topics included increased production capabilities, Media processes, and the unveiling of the agency’s new BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

cj Conference 2005: Back to Basics

Getting back to basics was the focus of cj Conference 2005, where we explored growing practices by expanding into more markets or adding more offices, establishing a Web presence, and boosting PR by instituting community engagement programs.

cj Conference 2004: Relationships/Working for You

In 2004, we covered topics such as avoiding fights with big pharmaceuticals while advertising and YP tracking process and value. We also clarified agreements with the agency in lieu of a contract.

cj Conference 2003: Branding the Future

Tennis shoes, coffee, and bottled water: What’s the difference? When you buy a pair of tennis shoes and choose Nike over Puma, or buy bottled water and choose Fiji over Evian, the products are essentially the same—it’s the experience that differs. The same could be said of personal injury firms. The services offered are essentially the same, but the experience is different. cj Conference 2003 focused on identifying the unique aspects of each firm’s experience and conveying that uniqueness through branding.

cj Conference 2002: First Conference of the Modern Era

For the first ever cj Conference, we got down to the nitty gritty and covered every business aspect important to advertising lawyers. From inbound call management, to getting contracts back and advertising nationally for complex torts, the inaugural cj conference set a new standard for sharing industry knowledge from the best personal injury brands in the nation.